YES. Its possible. If you want to waste valuable mucking about time online.
This is a short memoir of my journys into the nether regions of the internet to find wealth and fortune. I mostly found half ass blogs and bad websites with more ads than actual content. Seriously, those money making sites are the most horrible things I have ever seen. They all seem to be slapped together by amateurs who have a thing for horrible primary colours and flashy gif images. Their so tacky! They look like they came out of the 90s or something.
But yeah, I totally enjoyed getting shafted by tacky sites and wasting my time. I found one or two sites that are promising, but for the most part they only give you about 20 cents a day. And you have to amass 10 bucks before they plonk anything into your paypal account. LAME.
I found this one place called mylot thats sorta intriguing. APPARENTLY they pay you to post on discussions and junk. Its quite odd. Everything seems so contrived on the site. You can tell most of the people are really scrapping the barrel for subjects.Imagine a social networking site that no one likes, but everyone uses anyway because it gets them a bit of pocket money. That’s pretty much mylot. You can see I’m really trying to selling them huh? But why listen to me??? Find out for yourSELF =D By clicking THAT THERE. So I can EARN MORE MONEY. WOW. Guaranteed MILLION DOLLARS ON SIGN UP. NO VIRUSES. PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS. myLot User Profile
P.s. Matt lost his virginity.