I have a few subjects to cover today. Let me start with a small story

And with that he lost his virginity. He looked down at her and she smiled. Their bodies still intwined.
“So how was it for your first time.” she said coyly. He smiled at this.
“It was pretty good. Not as good as Avatar obviously. But you know… that goes without saying.”
She smiled and kissed him. They both knew it was true. After that movie, nothing was as good.
And that’s probably the best way I could tell you what I thought of Avatar without going into detail about it.
Secondly: Happy new years biatch! Did you see that moon? Well if you didn’t Ill totally get some pictures of it up. It looked epic. Fortunatly Matt was there to catch the glorious mooniness of it all. New years resolution. Go outside again sometime this year and see how the moon and stars are doing. also: sleep outside. That would be mint, plz k thx amen.
thirdly: I let the cat stay inside. as soon as I turned the lights off it started licking itself. Cause you know stroking yourself with your toungue in the dark enhances the experience. But even so, it sounded disgusting. So I kicked it outa my room and closed the door. Who knows what happened to it after that.
Finally. For those of whom read my Izak*Steve blog, back in the day. You may recall (although maybe not because it was 5 years ago) me making a song and dance about a danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard who drew a toon of muhammad as a bomb. Five years down the track a Muslim extremist tried getting him in his own home. This is not cool. They can all go suck a dictionary.
people should not have to fear for their life when giving their opinion, and certainly not when drawing a cartoon, and if you don’t agree with that ILL KILL YOU.