Two thursdays a go I went to hamilton. Two thursdays ago I said goodbye to my grandma for the last time.

Me, Matt ‘n Keir had been gearing up for ages to go to Hamilton for no reason for a while now, to celebrate Matt having his full license. We had a chilly bin full of coke, a shit load Matthew the mathematician carefully calculated.
We were getting ready to go when keir suddenly had a job interview, so she went off to do that. About the same time Dad sent me a text. Grandma was on the way out and I should probably go see her while I had the chance. She had been going down hill for the past week or so, going in and out of conciousness.. Water in the lungs etc…
I decided to walk. The day was AWESOME. The sun was blasting down on us, but there was still a slight morning chill about the air. so it was comfortable. I sipped on one of our cans on the way across. My mind wandered in other directions. Dredging all my memories of Grandma up. The two that popped out as being the earliest sprang to mind quickly.
I must have been about 4-6, cause I couldn’t read at the time, but I had developed a sharp interest in Asterix comics (as well as tintin, but there was far to much talking in that for me to handle,) and I’m sitting with grandma making her read bits of it to me that piqued my interest(Asterix in Belgium). Pointing at one frame I ask her what it says “Lets get them!” she says in her old person voice. “And what does that one say?” “Aaaaaaaarg.” she replies. Cracks me up now thinking about it.
The other occasion that I recall is when I’m a bit older. She’s staying with us and twenty dollars goes missing. I’m instantly blamed. I was furious, the injustice of it all! This was a miscarriage of justice I tell ya! She found it behind her bed a few hours later and Mum demanded she apologise to me. Ha ha. After that I vowed that if I was blamed for stealing and I hadn’t, I would go and nick something so at least it was true. Lol, kidding.
Although, which is better, Being bad and having the truth? Or being good and given a lie? I
I made it to the hospital and found mum beside her knitting, which sort of reminded me of those movies when someones about to be hung, and the old woman are suddenly compelled to make that scarf they were working on last execution. Grandma was having trouble breathing, and was unconscious. I had never seen her that bad before. She’s that grandma thats always in hospital for one reason or another. Oh did I mention she once drove her car down a bank, and into someones deck/house?
Mum said that Grandma could probably still hear us, so we were encouraged to talk to her. It was an odd one sided conversation, telling her about my plans for the day etc, and then talking to mum about her own parents and grandparents (My great grandparents). It was a real cool experience really. It felt like I was listening to all of these stories of my long gone past. The sun was still filtering through the window. It was ground level so you could look straight out onto the trees and grass.
Mum asked me what my goals were. Not thinking overly hard I told her how I want to update the parables to a more modern context. get some humour in there etc, help people relate to it, the same way they did back in the day.
The time passed quickly. I kissed grandma, and gave a jovial goodbye as I went to meet Matt ‘n Keir.
We got ice and a chilly bin, filled it with our “shit loads” of coke. At PaknSlave the checkout girl asked us why were going to Hamilton “Uh no reason, just cause we can really.” “Their going to the comic bookstore” Keir said truthfully. I went and stole something so at least I could be bad and live with the truth. My awesome street cred was totally destroyed with that comment Keir, THANKS. Lol. Kidding once again, ahhh. What a card Izak.
We played road games all the way there, and listened to our combined music. Unfortunatly I went mental when choosing my own music, so about 90% of the music on the player was mine. Oops.
The crazy thing about the tron is that (as Matt observed) You only need to take about two right turns from his house to get to the Hamilton CBD. So we never got lost. Which is cool. But it would have been cooler if we had ended up in Wanganui (With or without an H its still the same place. AKA we must have missed a turn off and went a waaaay to far.)
We were all sorta spooked by the tron. Where were all the people? Why is it so quiet? Why does the Mc Donalds wait for its ingredients to spontaniously pop into a product resembling a burger rather than doing it by hand (Which takes about a trillion years less time to do). Oh wait. Were not in Auckland, ha ha, Silly us. We got to the comic book store, got a 20 sided Die and another munchkin expansion.
Just on the outskirts of town heading home I got a text saying Grandma had just died at 2. I guess it was time.
Bradley Hathaway came on the radio. And it was really good to listen to.
to be continued (Much like the last post I did.)