This blog was primarly started to immortalize my adventures last year with headspace, so it would be a crime to not write about the reunion now.

day 1 (friday): Got woken up and told that if I wanted to get a ride into town I would have to go at 10. My bus leaves at 12:40. I spend the next hour or two on the waterfront enjoying the glorious day and blistering heat by sitting on a bench with my vaguely fem bag, watching the ferrys while absentmindedly fiddling with my… rubics cube.
I get no word from Jo during this time, no matter how many texts I send her. She’s catching the same bus as me to Tauranga. As the time arrives to leave still no word from Jo. I get on the bus and waylay the driver for as long as possible. Still no reply from Jo. I presume she’s dead, or at the very least immobile somewhere in a ditch.
Just as I’m getting out of town she texts saying that she’s been texting the wrong number the whole time, she saw us pull away. STINKASAURUS.
Spend the rest of the trip wondering what Tauranga looks like and whether or not my bus is going in the right direction.
Get there at about 4, where I spend some cool hangout time with Mark. We change the tires on the old Headspace van, still sporting scars from its year spent with us.
Then I got sleepy and decided to do the rest of this post later.