I have been planning this post for the past few days, I was going to fill it with some zany encounters with people with a punchy one liner or something. But all these stories got topped by something that happened less than ten minutes ago (Its 11:38 currently.)

I stayed late at school, finishing up an assignment for tomorrow. I vowed to stay there till its completed. After I post this Im gonna have to go and write the rationale, so technically I still haven’t completed it. Sigh.
Anyway, I catch a late bus home and it drops me in Henderson. I’m walking along and I see a road cone, which (with my designers eye) would look awesome on top of Matt and Keirs car. I vaguely note a car parked by itself in a car park, with its lights on. So I pick up the cone and wander off with it. I’m walking down Matts street when the car that was before parked was now pulling beside me. I was expecting a red faced concerned community spirited do gooder. Turns out its someone about 20 or so. So I instinatly relax. No one our age cares about the community. “Know where to get any weed?” He says, reinforcing my observation. My thought at the time was, wow, I guess I do look sorta dodgey dressed all in black.
“Ah no man, Sorry. I don’t do that sorta thing. Have fun though. I thought you were someone who was gonna tell me to put this motha flippin cone back.” we lolled and he drove off. I thought that was that until the car pulled back up beside me.
“Hey do you wanna earn a 100 bucks? Its real easy.” he asks again. “Ah yea, I guess.” I say, Who DOESN’T want to earn 100 easy dollars? “What do I have to do?”
“All you have to do is lie there.”
“Huh? Lie where?” I was invisioning standing on the road with my eyes closed as he took an easy kill at 80k an hour.
“Just lie there and close your eyes.”
“What? Fuck that!” No way was he gonna catch me like that, I wasn’t taking no beat down.
“Up to you mate.”
“Yea what the fuck. Screw that.”
As I walked away I realized what he was actually getting at. My face instantly crumpling into “WTF WTF WTF” mode. Suffice to say I kept my scalpel in my pocket for the rest of the walk home (But not before putting a road cone on Matts car.)