I found this article particularly amusing. I found this via baywords.com but while I see where their coming from with privacy of people it seems as though someone finally found a way to stab People in the face over the internet. “your gonna be mean to me? I stab!” Sometimes you just have to face the repercussions of your actions. The net isnt always such a forgiving place.

Amusingly This comment that
“She pointed out that the blog had attracted little notice and would have languished in obscurity if Miss Cohen had not sued.”

I think this can safely be said about 90% of all blogs. the Blogger could probably have told all his/her friends its opinion of some random model by word of mouth and still more people would have heard their opinion. Anyway. Its getting late. And this is a post about a post on a blog. How lame. Ill have some cool pics up tomorrow to make up for it. I promise.