Well. Before I ellaborate upon the title of this I would just like to give a summary of me at this current moment. its almost 1Am. I’m trying to be as quiet as possible, tuning down for the night with relient K’s “The lining is silver”, “You’l always be my best friend”, “In like a lion” and “The thief” All great songs. Check em out.

Anyway, today I had my job interview with EB. Fortunatly, Emma (my interviewer) lost her notes on what she was gonna ask, so I got to take the bull by the balls and get kicked in the face. After that I realized I got the saying wrong and decided to keep going with my anicdote.
I was pretty tense when I got in there. Laugh politely whenever I see her face crack into a smile, that sorta thing. She said as introduction “Oh wow, your right on time. There was meant to be another girl coming into today but she never showed up.” “Oh that kinda sucks.” I say sympathetically. The guy minding the counter laughs “Awww man, that sucks so bad that she didn’t arrive.” in an outrageous “woe be me” type fashion. I reply “Yea, man it REALLY does SUCK. I’m gonna have to take her job and stuff now.. Stink.”
She asks if I smoke. I, realizing that this is the first test go “ew! No way, smoking is as bad as pedophilia, I would never do that in a mall.” Turns out she smokes. And that last comment never happened. Anyway, were walking outside to pedophilize and we get onto the topic of which mall we would use during a zombie appocolypse. I respond that malls are a bad choice, since it only takes one old lady who thinks her dog is important to compromise the entire mall.
Anyway, we chatted about the importance of ninjas and pirates. Talked briefly about my weaknessess “Well, I can tend to be forgetful, but it means I can’t hold grudges.”
Talked about the big wednesday loto money. lolled at her comment “Man, What I could do with that much money… Buy a PS3.”
Bought ice cream, frollicked, laughed together, spun around on swings.
“Im sorry I can’t hire you.” “AH F**ge!! Hey! F**ge isnt a swear word! Its like a safe alternative.”
And the moral of this story is, Buy mirrors edge. Because it could possibly get you a job! (I dont find out for ages whether or not the interview went down well. It’l probably go down worse if she does a background check on me with google and stumbles over this blog. Ah well. My post came out as more a trip to fairy land than an actual accounting of events.