Well, Turns out, Matt, my time wasting excuse of a friend has created a blog, and done.. five posts(?) In the time its taken me to do none. So check him out, He’s sure to do something That will not only be intrigueing and probably funny, but also completely incomprehensible. Like that one time, when we managed to create a repeating loop, that created an image so big it started to expand onto other websites, blanketing the entire internet in pixelated goodness. America had to shut down the internet for a bit and do some repairs, It took ages for all the janitors to clean up the mess.
In the meantime I have been, hm, Shirking? That would be the best word to use. Shirking over there, shirking on the floor. Playing munchkin again for the first time in forever! Jeeze thats an awesome game. It really makes you hate people. Which most people fin
d a novel experience. If this card doesnt make you want to go out and buy it then you
r boring and probably watch coronation street.