The blog is in a great need of revamping, its boring to the eye balls, and doesn’t reflect the feel that I want to give the blog. *a few hours  of frustrating tampering and illustrator work later.*
Well, I think it was worth it. Its a wee bit dark. But I think it looks tight! my Amatuer coding skills still serves me well. Jeeze. Is anyone else freezing? Aucklands getting cold as at night now.
These are a few flicks I took the other day. Thats Te Pai Skate park there. The day was rather cloudy, but this bomb still looked really bright. It was almost sureal. A bit like in the afternoon just before the suns gonna set, and you get that crazy glow.

Broken Link. Sad Face
This is near my bus stop in the city. I like it. Its all hand done, so you gotta caress it lovingly on the way past.

Was a piece by OddOne (Broken as well)
And a random sticker by an Unknown (Broken)

Another one in the city down some forgotten street that you’l never be able to find if you were looking for it.

Oh yea, If you catch the 895 or 090 did you happen to see an eftpos card? Its blue.. And has my signature on it.