Im roughly 9 hours away from a test that I have still yet to properly study for. Now seems like a perfect time to do a blog entry. Lately I have been heavily immersed in a lot of new music. I Listened to every single greenday album (Including the new one, a week before it came out), Been recommended a lot of music, Rocket summer(One album), Mewithoutyou (Got two albums now), Amber Pacific (Two?), and the latest Goldfinger album (Woop woop!) which I got from real groovy with Jason on the weekend. Oh yea! Jason from headspace came and chilled out here on the weekend (as another excuse for me to not study.) We caught up with Zac and Jo at Zacs little birthday shindig. Yaaaay. Good to see a bit of the crew.

Well Ill stop panicing after wednesday I think.  After thats its smooth sailing into a six week calm ocean of probably chicken factory. -_- (Goldfinger would not be pleased)
My latest project for school is becoming pretty epic, although not as epic as my scroll. Its like this steel crazy thing. Nat cut it out of the sheet metal for me tonight (For which im eternally grateful and now realize I will never work with steel ever again unless I own all my own tools and have all the time in the world to do it in. Not two days.)
Ok, I just found this, written by a guy called Jim Lane.

One of the most studied periods in history was the so-called Industrial Revolution. It hit England in the early 1800’s and much of Europe only a little later in the century. Sociologically, it’s hard to understate the impact this “coming of the machine” had on daily life. Like most drastic changes, it had both positive and negative effects upon the citizens of every society it touched. Most of all though, it gave birth to a permanent “middle” class.

How sarcastic did that Paragraph sound to you? Maybe I suck at reading, but wow. All those quotation marks really felt like they were dripping with sarcasm. The “so-called Industrial Revolution” XD. Ok, I realize he’s probably trying to say something like “Thats what it was called later on when people looked back.” But if you read it right it sounds more like “I see no proof of this crazy little time period! Your all blind!”

But what I’m really trying to say here is. Goldfinger kicks the ass of greenday, any day.