While pottering around the lounge (unusual for me to be outside my room I know) I noticed something on the news.. And it suddenly all made sense. It all lined up. The news doesn’t want us to have holidays! Let me explain. Every long weekend without fail we get a special report. this time they called it the “Queens birthday weekend road death toll.”Every long weekend they like to remind you how many people die, just in case you were starting to relax. and then they imply that it is because of the long weekend. You never hear about “the end of april road death toll.” or anything like that. only during long weekends. If they do this long enough they will eventually convince the government to ban holidays, due to it being detrimental to the survival of the population. Weekends kill people. Its true. Think about it 0_0

on a darker note. In dutchland or whatever some pretty nasty stuff went down. This guy tried ramming the royals in their bus during a parade. But only managed to kill on lookers.. Hatchbacks kill people.