Hey its been a few days, but that few days has added up to almost a third of our trip. I’m not gonna write in detail since its late. And this keyboard STILL sucks, but here is a sum up of everything from the past few days. and plus a wee bit more here. I suggest you continue checking Sarahs blog (Shes on the team) every now and again as well, for a bit more of the logistics side of things. But if you don’t want details come here. I’m more than happy to fill you with generalizations.

P.s. I managed to pat a snake today, that brings my score up to five now. Me and Chris are playing a version of HORSE. Except its SNAKE (or LADYBOY. Meaning if you see one you scream that out and earn a point.)
1 point for every snake you see
2 points if its eating something
5 if you pat it
10 if you get bitten by it
20 if you get bitten by it and its poisoness

Good thing theres a positive side to getting bitten by a poisoness snake.