For the first day in phili we have a special interview with me, hosted by Leanna. Enjoy.
(I have a gumby keyboard at the moment so its hard to type a lot. Sorry)

so first impressions how is it????

First impressions? Its like thailand, but nothing like it at all. Differen’t feel, similiar looks. Were in a quiet area just outside manila. Its still got a bit of hussle and bussle from locals.

im gonna bombard you with questions so………….
1) HOW WAS THE FLIGHT?? sleep much, watch movies???
The movies sucked and so did the games! Ha ha. But I found the juno soundtrack which made it all worthwhile. Ha ha. I watched like one full movie then half of every other ones.

2) how do you compare it to thialand??
So far? hard to say, Im still going through it in my head. Not as many spirit shrines. Ha ha.

3) are you finally ready to be in the philippines??
As ready as Ill ever be. It doesn’t blow me away like thailand did, I see this as an extension on my trip in thailand.

4) where are you in the philippines right now??
Just outa manila, ha ha. I can’t remember the exact name of the area though. about 30 minutes from the airport.

thats all the questions i can think of 🙂

I like questions. =)

Also I had my first hilarious experience. I go to get into the taxi and so I walk onto the roadside of the car. Aimee calls to me to tell me I’m in the front. Im like, ok, open the door. and Im urterly confused with this booster seat like metal thing. Everyones laughing their heads off and one taxi driver is like “We drive on the right side of the road here sir.” And I’m still standing there, looking at the booster seat thing, and then at the stairing wheel thinking to myself “Its gonna be hard to sit in there with the steering wheel in th- oooooooh!!” I get it now. They did the old “switch the drivers seat” trick. So I got heckled for the rest of the trip about wanting to be the driver etc.