Man, If there’s one thing allied can supply you with, its a nice handful of the strangest people you will ever meet. All of them hardcases, all of them so lovable. Ha ha. Like the big maori guy, henry, who always has a baleful look on his face, hides his earmuffs up in the ceiling, you have to stand on a toilet to get at them. He was a bit gutted when he couldnt find em. lol. Hold that thought. So to sign in and out (and get paid) you have to wander into this office area, strangly located at the heart of our section (Raw side) and sign in and out on this little time sheet. Thing is at some point someone nicked off with the pen (Which was tied down so no one WOULD steal it(Which just made it more of a challenge I think.))
So now you gotta go hunting through these offices to find a pen. It feelings real dodge running around in the office, I always feel real guilty. In my last day in there Henry Grabbed a pen which was hidden up high above this notice board thing. Apparently he hid a pen there to, because its difficult enough as it is to sign out.
It made me laugh and wonder what his house looks like. Before he leaves he compulsivly puts all valuables just above head hight to put bad guys off from nicking everything. His computers probably nailed to the ceiling. “Screw that, I’m not lifting my arms to get all that stuff..”
Im doing filing for DOC at the moment, just on the corner of K road. Mean beast oi.

Oh yea, ANOTHER CARTOON ALREADY! Yay, this one involves a bit of brain power. Meaning, dont watch it late at night if your tired. YES Leanna, you have to watch it again. Ha ha.