The title probably transmorgified itself into a different word cause I’m to smart to just write preperation.
So I got back from headspace, now. TO LIFE!
I got busy and animated, did a few trial animations then released my first biggy since before Thailand. Its the first cartoon in what I hope to be a life time goal. Making animations, comics, and just about any media I can get my hands on and master to glorify the big guy in the sky. Check it out, I’m rather proud of it. Hopefully you can desifer what I mean by broken Champagne bottles (should be relativly easy if you keep in mind this is my cartoon thats launching it all.)
Anyway, I spent a few fevered weeks doing that while also getting my act together, and more importantly my portfolio. Which was bundled off to Massey uni. I had a killer time with the Interviewer there. Whos luck near the end ran out, so she spent a while looking for her pen, then eventually gave up and brought out a handful more pens. Pens are so glorious, yet so annoying, they just dissappear. Either that or everyone assumes they’re free. Or they steal them because what goes around comes around. And they have had enough of it going on around them.
Then I had an ever better time meeting one of the head honchos of the Design department. He was pretty cool. We got talking about burma and Thailand cause he lives in that area. Oh man, The news lately.. If you have been watching it, its been pretty intense. I was like, woa, those streets look familiar. Although most of the highways in Bangkok look the same. But I definatly recognized the airport. Ha ha. Hopefully the king will kindly suggest that the prime minister fulla stands down, so people will calm down. Man, Imagine if NZers ever got so passionate about stuff hitting the fan. Our idea of a revolt is driving a tractor up the steps of parlament.
Anyway.. They liked my portfolio of artwork etc. So the design school thinks Im in. Now its a matter of what Masseys beurocrats think of me. Thats the dodge part cause my NCEA stuff is not quite what you would call sterling. Although art is kick ass through the roof.
Hmmm, I gotta go dry dishes, and then go to a meeting about the philipeans. Ill type more junk into this later if your interested.