Its also two days after Christmas. Let me get Christmas out of the way first. It was Ok. My nephews and Nieces came back from Myanmar. So christmas was taken out by them this yea. They could hardly stay above the tide line of paper which always inevitably litters the floor during christmas. See During christmas people suddenly loose the whole tidyness thing, and all of a sudden its ok to leave piles of rubbish in the middle of the room like leaves, and half sucked candy canes amongst it, like cat feces.
I have been preparing diligently to leave for Phili. I am geared and ready to go. I did 2 practice packs a week ago and made sure the weight wasn’t over limit. I have written action plans and taken phone numbers of the Embassies in Manila and have memorised maps, so now I can draw them by memory, now I wont ever get lost. Ha kidding. I found some clean washing on my bed which I jammed into my bag. I also went for a five minute shuffle around the bathroom and my bedroom looking for things that may be useful to take over there.
It usually takes me ten minutes to pack. So I’m assuming somethings missing.. Hmmm. I guess we’ll know all about it when I get over there. Thats the best time to find out you forgot to bring something. Its a perfect excuse to go exploring the local stores by yourself when everyone else is asleep. Heh heh heh >=)
Ok, so while I’m away a lot of things are going on. A comic I’m doing for a website (The website isn’t finished yet so I can’t link you to it.) will hopefully like my comic and not ask me to change anything on it. Because They won’t get a lot of replies in the next three weeks. When I get Matt he’ll be a married man. Keir will be married as well coincedentally. What are the chances huh? And I was gonna be best man as well.
Over the past little while I have learned a lot about Gods will and timing. Sometimes its not so much his timing, as it is a lesson in obedience. Its a thought I’m latching onto. I don’t like to fail tests. Ha ha.
Hopefully I’ll get some good video over in Phili.

In graffiti news lately, Mum met the cut collective by the courthouses as they were doing up the power box there. She got to talk to “trust me” she was as pumped as me about it. Cause she knows How I feel about those guys. Legends!