The English camp went well. Every now and again, me, Franks, and Jesses, lesson would bomb, but thats to be expected. So I didn’t get to cut up about it. We were in charge of the Drama station (One of the many stations at the english camp, all of which were planned and operated by us gappers.)
I have to say, that most of the time It didn’t look like drama at all. But thats fine. We still had a wail of a time. At the end we were all acuosted by every single girl at the camp. And I swear I signed a million books and stuff. by the end of it I was like, Ok screw pictures now, Im over camera phones, Im over cameras, Im over portraits painted in seconds (That last one didn’t actually exist.)
That night we celebrated with the teachers, so out came the Karakoe machine and the alcohol, Which they got smashed on, while we sung our hearts out. Bohemian Rhapsody FTW*.
The next night we showed our appreciation to The Ngao Hostel. The leadership decided that a bit of spontanious “Gender Roll” switching would be in order. So guys were in charge of making salads, while girls were gonna do the firewood for the bomb fire. I wasn’t pleased at all with this. But it didn’t matter in the end. Because we all helped each other out anyway and.. *looks around carefully*.. The guys carried most of the firewood anyway. lol
The next day we headed back to Chang Mai (Where the Juniper tree is) and stayed at this trendy hotel thing with a pool. But I didn’t get to see much of it, because who did I find sitting by the pool with 3 kids? John and Bex! Woot. So I got to see my nephew and nieces again. Its the first time in my life I have met Baby Sarah.
We hung out, had dinner at this american place (Kinda expensive) met some Burmese friends of theirs who worked at the night markets. Funnily enough they thought because I was related I could speak Burmese, Fortunatly I could speak a little Thai to them. anyway we got a Dvd, took it home and watched it before leaving for the hotel and crashing.
After a quick session at the Net cafe the next day we packed our junk, went to the airport and got frisked.. Because Peaky had a BB gun. -_-
We zoomed over to Bangkok airport, spent an hour walking to the next terminal (I swear that airport is the size of Hamilton)
We then shot over Australia and landed in the Auckland terminal.

Thailand experience… OVER.

Boy, our airport seems so scary in comparison. Police standing at the entrance of the plane (As if we would suddenly snap and kill everyone on New Zealand soil or something)
Not to mention our airport looks like it was originally meant to be a hospital or something. So depressing.
I had my welcoming party of Steven and Trisha, Zara, Phil, Sarah, and Aimee. Yay, thanks guys.
The rest of the day was still packed, hanging out, then going to a philipeans meeting. Yea thats right. My overseas invasion isn’t over for the year yet kids.
I then crashed and didn’t wake up till 2 in the afternoon the next day. Jet lag 1, Izak, nill.