First off, Sarah, my numbers *******. call me. *wink*
Second, Hey thanks for the welcome back Quin. But I told you never to talk about those dvds! No illegal sex workers for you! Bad. BAD!

So I finished up my stay at home and took off to Cambridge. We picked up Zac on the way. It felt kinda cool getting the team back together. We have quite a spirit of comradery. We all met up in cambridge and then loaded into vans and took a 7 hour trip to Wellington. there was quite a bit of silence on the way down, but thats the way the guys van usually goes. It was only breafly punctuated by talk of the latest games and metalgear solid.
We were based in a little scout camp in the lower hutt. So we had a lot of bush to run around in shooting each other with our BB guns. Fortunatly ye old faithful which I got from the Wessels years and years ago still serves me well. (The Wessels were this really cool family me and the Holdings hung out with. Really great people.)
We spent a week in Welly. I love that place. The graff is awesome. And I found alley ways full of sticker art. and there are so many skaters there to. Awesomeness.
We got a few lectures in this time. But it wasn’t heavy going. We gave short presentations of pictures from our respective countries.
I got to use my Dads suit again on Emma-lees 21st. Its amusing to see how much you can make her do, she’s like a sillier version of me. She put a bra on over her dress. So shocking. lol. We all went to dinner at this Thai restaurant. Really nice place. Although it didn’t actually taste to thai at all.
Sorry, Im not giving a huge exposay and a million anicdotes. I guess I just want to get this post over with.
We visited the bee hive and got to check out parliment. Man, the main chamber is tiny as, I thought it was way massive. They have economy class seating I swear. I found it a facinating place to check out. There was one man on our tour who was a real dick to our guide (an elderly lady who had an impecable english accent.) Every time we seemed to mention the maori parts of the building he seemed to get really anti, and started argueing at the guide (As if its her fault that its customary to speak maori in the special maori room thing.) She handled it admiraly I do have to say, she probably deals with them a lot. His comments were pretty.. awkward though. I think most of us wanted him to shut up, while I generally laughed at how innappropriate and red neckish he was acting. Later turned out he was an Auzzy. A sad representation of australia, but I guess it just goes to show there are still full blooded racists around. (yay /sarcasm)
The other thing I noticed about wellington, its a giant freakin slope. I caned myself more than once on my board. I had a gnarly as graze running down my arm.and I fell flat on my side and pushed blood out of my hand after trying to go down a flight of stairs. But that one was more my fault I guess. I didn’t have to… But I did.

After welly we went back to Cambridge area. We stayed in the narrows. Which is a spit of land between Cambridge and the tron.
It had nice grass to lax out in and play the guitar. Loved it. thats all I have to say for now. I have the weekend off, so Be seeing you around probably.