hey ya’ll, Were back In Ngao, where we taught at the High school and…

Yes Mat, I know I got daily fourth for the toon . Pretty awesome huh? Thats better than what some front page cartoons get. ah well, It didn’t quite have the right taste to make it to front page. But it was such a quick project it didn’t really deserve to make it any higher.
(Lol, I spelt your name with one T, for old times sake… To rark you up. I mean, Its not as if your name hasn’t been shortened already, why not shorten it a bit more.. Or even shorten it again. Your name is now M, and you are now eligible to join a secret service of some type.)

But yes anyway, back in ngao, but now our teams double the size and we no longer have Mark and Ema. Sniff. We’ll miss you guys. Probably the best rollmodels ever. If you guys wanna meet Mark I suggest you go cause some havok and get arrested. He’ll be the one visiting you when you call and say your having a domestic. If its not him the first time just call again. Luck of the draw and all that.

The Phili team reunited with us wednesday last week. They took the night train like we did. Except that this time the night train couldn’t make it up the hill. So it rolled backwards for a while. Making a delay of a few hours. So im guessing they rolled backwards back to Bangkok or something. XD
The night before we were like, meh, I don’t really care if we meet up again. But by the next day we were all fidgity, and every time a car went past the Juniper tree we would all look up quickly, and then drop our heads in dissappointment for the millionth time.
Its been good seeing everyone again.
At the moment we’re all preparing for the english camp which starts tomorrow. 6 lessons tomorrow. 300 kids in total at the camp. 2 days. Now the two days part isn’t so good. They had budget issues. But also I think the authorities caught wind of who we actually are, and so their limiting our capacity to work now.

So keep praying for our final days here in Thailand. Thankyou…

*Feverishly runs off to do a as of yet non existant news letter that was due this morning.*