Man, this internet cafe is located in a sauna or something I swear. Theres one fan, and its pointed at the desk in which the owner parks himself. Its rather amusing to see the way shop keepers act around here. Youl peer into their dinky little store and they’l be lounging around somewhere totally random. Unlike New Zealand where we hang out behind the counter they just go wandering.
It seems as though everyone has a shop here. They were like, whats the lounge for? We’ll just rip out the front of our house, sell a lot of one object, and call ourselves a shop. They then go on about life and just hope they notice people when they go wandering into their house.
Its friday here at the moment. Everyones get on the booze it seems. Doesn’t look to be a safe night.

Catch ya’ll around. Leew pop gun maih! (Phenetically correct but dont quote me ok.)