Wow. Friggin wow. Its amazing here. I dont know where to start. The plane was ok. taking off was the best part. No delays. thats a blessing because of that storm that raged its way through. I’m hearing right now that it struck pretty hard.
2nd Impression. The billboards. They are Huge. Its hot. getting out of the air conditioned taxi for the first time (Onto the middle of the road. Its pretty insane if you see what driving is like over here. EVERYONE is trying to get past each other at the same time.) my glasses totally fog up. I was like “WOA! IM BLIND.” Not to bad though. I have no real problems with it. Oh yea, Coke lost the war in Thailand. Pepsi rules. Even the run down little street venders have pepsi imblaizoned all over it.
Its hard to say all the different things that have happened to many. So many stories. Ill have to just select my favourites to tell.
Me and Zac getting ripped off by a tazi driver. Second day in Bangkok. Me and zac have to take a taxi by ourselves back to china town because ema-lees sick. We jump in and tell him where were going. we tell him to turn the meter on because we have been warned about the dodgy things they can do sometimes. (We also noticed that his licence on the dash board was NOT him.) He was driving for a little bit and he says to zac “100 baht?” Zac agrees, just to shut him up. We pull up to the hotel and were idling by the door and the taxi guy says “100 baht!” Zacs says “No I dont think so, meter says only 65 baht.” “100 baht!” “65.” he says, smiling and tapping the meter. The driver turns off the meter and locks the doors. me and zac both instantly go “WOOOOOOOAAH What EVER!” and im laughing my head off at how dodgy he is. “100 baht!” “Nope. 65 baht. Mai chi!” we hand over a hundred baht note. And the driver gives us a twenty. We decide thats an ok compromise and get out. laughing about it.
Oh yea. there are bottles of cola that are 3.1 litres. They are MASSIVE. i wont ever bother with them since a glass bottle of Pepsi is about 50 cents. I got a nice pair of Sandals For 5 dollars today. Honestly, you girls would love it here. There was a alley dedicated to shoes and bags. They also have these crazy gold necklace stores. they’re everywhere. I call them fast food gold stores. Cause I can almost imagine people ordering at a drive through for Gold chains.
I was really dearing today and pet a monkey. those things don’t like being touched. It freaked out. I think if I hung around much longer it would wanted to give me a rabby infested bite. A couple were climbing all over Jo. It was rather amusing how the girls would react. I have my camera, crouched down filming it. It completely ignores me walking past and around, while all the girls are screaming and jumping up. I think it liked their reactions. XD. cars stopped at the lights would be investigated by the cheeky little things.
today at the markets I found a rack of frogs cut open upside down. One of their hearts was still beating. lololololol.

This week we are doing Thai lessons so we can comunicate a bit more than we have. Its aight, Im finding it a bit tough. I got numbers down pretty good. 1 to 5 is simple. nung, sung, see, cip, Haa.

Well I cant think of much more to write other than sorry for no pics. Im in a net cafe.

Love ya’ll lots (Except for you, you and you.)