Dont worry. The title isn’t as urgent as it seems. Let me explain.. using copy and paste, from an email I sent but moments ago!
We were coming back on the train earlier today, from Lop Buri to Bangkok. Getting into the taxi we had no idea what was about to happen and the events that were about to unfold….. (Fortunatly I had my trusty hat.)

…. Oh man, me and zac got lost again. Our taxi didn’t know where we were going and took us to the train station instead of the university. He was desperatly running up and down the road looking for an english speaker. And just to make it more frantic I was desperate to go toilet even before we got in the taxi. Ema rang up and said we were going in the wrong direction. That was the moment I dispeared and was like “ILL NEVER MAKE IT!” zac: “Youl make it dont worry!” “Oh no I won’t, im busting. Driver, excuse me, toilet! Toilet? bathroom? Do you know what I mean?… No… oh man oh man oh man.” I even took off my belt and was ready to ditch out onto the road and run into a park. the driver was getting very worried. He was like “five minute. only five minute.” and Im still panicing going “I don’t HAVE five minutes!” XDBut I made it! I begged my way into a seven elevens toilet. Thank goodness they knew what I meant. They were all cracking up at the distraught big falang going “Toilet toilet TOILET TOIlet toiLET. toiiiiiileeeeet.”phew.. thats my High tention story for you today. =).

The girls are just down the road in the girls hostels, us guys are hanging out in the guys hostel now on the computers. Im a little freaked out. Monday we start our english lessons. It’ll be the first one. Heres hoping I don’t mess up!

p.s. I found this bottle of colouring lotion just now. Its so thai can look more western by having lighter coloured skin. But this is what it says under the logo in a small font. “Being born again into attractive woman in the sea.” …. You be the judge.