This isnt a thai church. Its the Kings palace. So if anything its a buhdist temple. Very buhdist.

So I spent my first night at the hostel. It was… Uncomfortable. Not because of the hard beds that sound like they are full of hay and plastic bags. their fine. them being hospitable and turning on the AC above my bed, that was great to! They know how much it fries in a cramped room with four dudes in it. Waking up to said AC freezing me like a bag of black bananas on the other hand not so much. And then the toilet filling back up in the background. It took me all night to figure out it wasn’t an electronic wine. It was just water going through a very small hole or something. lol
ah well. Woke up at 7.. Lay in bed for ages. We walked to church and helped set up at about 9. Geu, our main host (He’s been to Teowmutu!) translated the bible study for us. I haven’t seen revelation being taught in a church before. Very cool. Their worship songs are just as cool as ours. Sorry Chris, its mostly hillsong, sung in thai. So at least you wont hear the theologically wrong lyrics. lolololol.
They have a cool style of prayer over here. I know they do it in a few other countries to. Its so awesome. Everyone just prays at the same time. And then fantasmically everyone just quietens down at the same time and someone finishes up the prayer. so cool. We should do it more often to. Its a lil awkward at first but you’l get used to praying over each other. Don’t worry, God can hear you at any volume.
Anyway, to cut a long story short, Their church services go till about 4 in the afternoon. So we spent all day at church. It wasn’t that bad actually. We had all sorts of people there. Koreans preached in english, while A thai translated. It was crack up. the speaker kept going into korean by accident. Or it may have been Thai. Who knows.
Later on all the guys (Me, Jason, Zac, and the crew from the dorms) all went out and played soccer outside the huge stadium in bangkok. There are tons of people all just setting up goals all over the place. It was great. It didn’t feel weird at all, playing soccer on the landing of the huge steps up, with a few chunks of concrete (Taken from the side of the road) with no shirt on. Oh yea, It was so good being on the no shirts team. Just standing there made water want to evacuate from every pore in your skin.
Tomorrow we do lessons. heh heh.
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