Woo. Just finished doing the english lessons tonight. It totally wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I’m so glad I have Beth. She. Is. AMAZING. like a natural born teacher. unlike me, whos more like a test tube grown teacher… which went wrong. lol
Some of the Others screwed up in some funny ways. At one point I was like “So what do you, as thai, do as a family?” This was meant to be preping into a new lesson. They were like “…nothing.” “oh… Are you sure?” “…Yes.” “.. Crud.”
Jess was trying to pronounce one of her girls names. She said Tui, which means dog. Then she said Tui in a slightly different pitch and that meant water buffalo. Lol. OF course, in thai, T comes out more like D. so it was really Dui. Anyway. Ill catch ya’ll up. we used up our internet time. Sorry for the short post.