yay, Thankyou zac, for hosting the pictures which now adorn all the thailand posts so far. Their all a little out of context with whats being posted, but thats ok, their only meant to be eye candy while you read the funnies. Oh yea, the computers at the dorm have flash, so I was able to create a new background image. enjoy. And have a nice day. or night, depending on what sorta person you are. If your a morning person I hope you dont get killed by the cranky night people. Because while their waking up and being noresponsive, your trying to talk to them and have a deep and meaningful, and they don’t appreciate that. So leave them alone. hint… hint.

Apparently this morning Beu, one of the guys in our room was having a dream, he spazzed out and woke everyone up. He was like kicking and stuff. lol?

Today Me, Jo, and Zac went and bought a pizza. It was totally made from scratch in front of us. It took forever to get, but it was worth it, there were these nice sofas to sit on while we waited. Really relaxed ai… Now I gotta find a pic to put on THIS post.. dang it..

Boom, done.