Zac, Me, and Jo. woop woop.

Well Its been about a week since I last posted. I guess its time to lay some cards on the table. (Double or nothing)

I got a DS! Woohoo! For all of you who don’t know what that is, well don’t worry because you wont care if you do figure out what it is. I got it from this huge mall. Which I swear is dedicated souly to electronics. Us guys were prime targets. Everyone was screaming at us to buy games. Which I must admit were uber cheap. 4 bucks at most places. Ds games were about 2$. So I got ten. lol

We also went up the tallest tower In Bangkok, even way up 77 stories you couldn’t see were bangkok ends. It just continues to spread out like a beautiful ulcer on the face of the planet.

Today me and Zac found a McDonalds. Their burgers actually look like the picture. Unlike in NZ, where it looks like they punched the burger before putting it into the box.

Over the week some of us have been assigned rolls. Jo was the leader, I was the prayer warrior, and Beth was head photographer. The prayer warrior basically does all the main praying for the team, before we go places, for people, for the start of the day. It was really good. I enjoyed it eminsly. Quite an experience initself. And whenever prayers are answered its like “WOOT! You totally actually wanna listen God, cheers so much.”

Today is Kings birthday or something, so all the stores are closed, meaning we can’t photocopy our teaching resources for tonight. Were so screwed, lol, Oh well. We have been making our class write stories, to help them work on their grammer and terminology. Its pretty fun to read their stories.