I hope yall are enjoying NZ Music Month. As I write this I’m listening to some oldschool Supergroove. Those guys are funky. Along with the black seeds. Oooooh yea.

Anyway, other than my music tastes, Todays been rather good for a day off. Woke up to the entire house hold stampeding in every which direction for the pure joy of it. So deciding I would never get back to sleep I got up. We got to church and there was a big thing about mothers day I dont remember anymore.

me and the boys went to a family lunch with the diprose where we had the LONGEST game of munchkin ever. Everyone was like “finalaaaaaaay” When I drew the divine intervention card and won the game. One of the Rules written on the card is “If this card helps you to win the game you may taunt the other players mercilessly.” So I did. XD. but they were just happy it was over. My claim to fame there was that our parents had bought a car from hamish. lol. Those diprose. EVERYWHERE.

Then later I went and hung out with Jo, where we had fun getting motion sickness from the swings.

We then ran off to the youth church. The main theme was silence and communication, we watched a nooma dvd. Gotta love that nooma. All fancy with its little o.

Afterwards I:
Ate a twig (Very chewy I dont really recommend it.)
Put out matches by putting them in my mouth.
Put out a whole handful of matches by smooshing them accidentally against my lip and tongue. its like drinking a scolding hot milo all over again. Except with a really bad matchstick afterbreath. yucky.

K Goodnight all. See you round.