The other day we went to Dojo, which is raliegh streets youth thingy. It was pretty cool (Looking back on it.) The leaders were the guys who run HM rage and the the Lead from “All the Big Names”.
Unfortunatly the girls got to go first when it came to eating, so by the time I got through to the Dining room there was barely anything left, and we had to eat that barely anything out of pizza box lids and empty bowls.
They got us playing mafia. And let me tell you, it was a BIG game of mafia. and thats not a good thing when your busting to go toilet the entire time. Fortunatly I wasnt picked as anything important, AND I never died, which is probably a bad thing since quoting Zac “…the most illogical gapper left! You kept Killing all the innocents!! YOU DIDNT KILL A SINGLE MAFIA!”
My reply was “YES! I just wanted everyone dead so I could go toilet.”
Oh yea, mafia won -_-. My bad.
but here is the part that really made my night. So me and Zac are criticing the picket fence which is about knee hight, and the fact it could only stop people if they forgot to jump, when one of the girls from dojo randomly goes, “Omgosh, did you go to Hm rage last year??” “Yea.” “Were you by the vending machines?” “YES.” “ARE YOU FLASH MAN??” “OH YEA I FRIGGIN ROCK!!”
Then another joined in and then anothers like, woa, so your flash man? and then I go to the first chick “Your vending machine girl!” “Great, you get this awesome nickname and I get vending machine girl -_-.” and then they tell me I was the funniest random guy at Hm rage, and that when they think of hm rage they lol about me. To say the least my ego was huge after that.

Last night I went on night shift, so I started work in the morning at 8, finished at 5, started again at 6 and then finished at 10:30. Insane huh? I would do it again I think. but as I type this Im so wasted from it. I usualy get to bed at 10:30. It was fun talking to some new faces though.

Ok, see you all later, xoxoxo

Did I mention I had fan girls?