The teams were officially announced the other day for which country we would be heading towards.
on saturday they announced they would be telling us the teams, when we got there Len started with “Whats the worst thing thats happened in your life? Or what is the most dissappointing thing of your life?” Not really a good start I must say. He told us they had to delay, leaving all the girls to their moaning and conspiracy theories about how they would all be put on teams away from each other. All I could really say was “Well at least he didn’t say, whats the worst things thats ever happened to you? Well this is about to be even WORSE, mwahahaha.”
So on monday Len comes to pick us up from work, he gathers us all up and goes… “Whats the most exciting thing thats happened in your life?” Followed quickly by my statement of “HES A LIAR! Dont trust him!!”

Turns out he wasnt lieing.

So Im going to Thailand. Along with the following (Whether you care or not,) Zac, Jman, Cooli, Beth, Jess, Terresa, Jo, Hanna B. Our leaders will be Ema and her husband, and Emallie, last years gapper.

Im getting excited about learning the language.
We also only have another 4 or so weeks left of Kiwi fruit picking. woohoo.

Oh yea, Iron Mans a Decent Movie, quirky main character, one of marvels better movies I have to say. Street Kings is bad ass to. Bit of an average ending, but its all excitement till that point. Gritty and violent, not one for taking mum to.