Yea Sarah, their splitting us up. Much to the “AAAH” of the girls. I did want to go to Thailand so phew. The other teams heading over to phillipeans. Theyl be staying about a week with us in Thailand, and then another week at the end. We’ll be teaching english in Thailand, and they will be doing more practical blatant outreach in phili. We got together as our teams tonight and prayed about all of this. I have to say I have the good looking team. =P

We started learning a tad of Thai. I remember that Cowputt is thai for rice. So just remember cowpat. And something like “Wutda clrap” is hello or something. So yea, ‘What the crap.”

We finished work early today due to the box machine breaking down, ah, glorious box machine. We may not have work tomorrow, which isnt really a good thing since we need all the money we can get :-|.

Oh yea, Special SHOUT OOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUT To Bexy. Its her birthday! Congrats on completing another circut around the sun huh? I wanted to do you a pic. But it looks like it’l have to wait.

Oh yea, heres Zacs cuts from the fall. They looked way cooler in RL.

P.s. Ema has said I am now her “official” Graphic design person. At some point she’s gonna get me hooked up or something to use my skillz.