This is drawn by Frank in his study book.

Hey, Wassup. Thought I might tell you about what happened Last night. Ho-kay, so theres the quary down the road from where we are camping out. We went back down to check it out cause it was a good excuse for a walk. This was with Hanna, J man and Mum. We were having a gawk around when we saw the bottom of one of the giant pits. Most were filled with this crystal green water. This one was slightly raised from the rest and was dried out. Most of the mud looked firm but deseptivly soft. Also a layer was all flat and hugely cracked from the sun, like the desert in the land before time. Hanna said it would be a good photo Op and that I should jump down there to pose with it. So I made like little foot and started hoping down, careful to avoid the soft mud. I found a dry LOOKING piece and took the rest of the slope with a jump onto the mud. I hit it and kept going up to my knees. I was just stuck there like a screwed Mammoth in a tar pit. I got one leg out but my right leg was so far down I couldn’t pull it out without loosing my shoe or my balance. J man came down and helped pull me out. The girls were lolling their heads off =D. My leg was covered in so much mud I was walking with a heavy limp. I eventually washed it all off. I still smell like grey mud and…. I forgot.. Frank distracted me with a book whos authors last name is trollop. What a stink name. How can you take a family seriously with a name like that? If there are any trollops out there I don’t apologise, but could you tell me how you get along with a name like that? Are there lots of horrible people like me out there that ask dumb questions like this? I shall endevour to find out…

We started the first of the perspectives today. Piece of lemon merang pie ai, easy. Unless your everyone with an out dated reader *Stares at Zac Atak*

Me, mum and Hanna decided to walk all the way to the Golf course by the Cascades, I found a golf ball in no time at all, mum had no luck. (Lol) We decided to cut through the bush to get back to the road. We had a huge adventure… And ended up on just the other side of the golf course rough. -_-, Still amazing though.

Happy Valentines. Ill do something a little special for yall girl readers out there hopefully tomorrow.

This is by that red elephant, in boston.