I went dumpster diving on valentines day and found this old tatty board and decided to deck it out in true holiday spirit. “Happy Vampires day”, Thats what I presume it is. Walking around the streets all I can presume is that its vampires day. All that neck biting going on between happy couples and the sharing of body fluids.
Everyone did valentines cards for everyone. Fun fun. Woop woop.

We leave this camp tomorrow. Thank goodness. I havent wanted to wash any of these clothes by hand. and I’m in short supply… I think thats why I’m not getting as many hugs as before. -_-
I also seem to be catching Jo’s cold. DARN YOU. Darn you to HECK!

So yea, Happy Vampires day girls. I know at least one reads this. ha ha, Hanna.

We did a talent show just before. Twas pretty sweet. Everyone was hilarious. Me and a couple of the other guys dressed up as the team from Anchorman, I swept my hair back, wore aviators and turned fanmagically into briane fantana. Oooh riiight!
J-man: Perspectives… Hard. But rewarding.
There you have it folks.