this is mum YAY…..
Im pretty much the most awesome person at headspace 🙂
well we have just left auckalnd for the first time in 4 weeks which is awesome but i must say i did really enjoy the last week at camp sladdin.
we had a fun adventure corse thing that me and frank did like 4 times over i rocked at it hahhaah except for the rope swing thing i just feaked myself out. but i did improve in the monkey bars but i still cant actually do them stupid weak muscles!!
the week was full of interesting nites such as eeling (the boys thought they were the greatest when they cause the tiniest eel in the world) but hey we can give them credit for trying. we also had a nite of the veggietales AND WHO CAN RESIST THE VEGGIETALES?? we are really just all big kids at heart.
Who can forget the amazing nites of star gazing. its the the most beautiful thing in the world i even managed to see the smallest shooting star which was awesome, it was like the first one i can remeber ever seeing so i was excited even if it was only small. Izak saw a shooting star that was incredible it had a tail and everything he was quite proud of himself 🙂 that nite was a good one staying up till 2 in the morniong talking about little white men running from the bushes to scare peaky (i freaked the heck out of peaky that was quite entertaining)
we also heard some morporks our theroy was they were threatning to beat each other with sticks and the fact that one had a wife was enough to scare any morpork off.
those were pretty much our fun filled nites at camp sladdin.
but i couldnt leave without telling you about the guys search to show off their muscles and compete to show who is the best in a good old rock climbing match. well maybe it wasnt so much of a competition to start with but anything to do with guys and strength usually turns into a competition to see whos strongest or fastest or wat ever other way you can find to compete. I didnt actually go but i heard they had alot of fun im sure izak ccould update you on that adventure.
After our long hard tiring week (which wasnt actually i just like to exagerate) we headed off to Hastings which is only like a 5 – 6 hour drive no wonder we were all super excited to sit in a car for hours on end with lots of other smely bodies seriously who could resist that?? well we had no choice anyway so we got shoved into cars and we left auckland (tear) its wasnt all that bad we did get to stop in taupo for a hearty meal of McDonalds and then back on the road to riverbend camp which is where we are now.
Its a pretty sweet camp i must say, we even have a pool and another bug zapper that they boys were greatly excited by, but it will only be short lived cause we going to live with our billiets 2moro EXCITING!!!!! we get a real home for a month and we even get the luxury of acouch which i have been craving.
so yeah sorry its long but i a girl and i tend to write lots so sorry if you get bored or it dont make sense im a pretty useless writter but it was fun anyway.
take care
Love MUM!!