So E3 has just been and I’m ready to give my list of my favourite games presented at the expo.

  1. Skate 4
  2. Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst.

But seriously, let’s drop pretty much everything Bethesda presented. All of those trailers were the most content lite things I’ve ever seen. More Doom though, woo. Next time I want to look at a trailer for the new Elder Scrolls I’ll just google a tourism video for Scotland.

One I’m really looking forward to though is Session. I got all nostalgic for Tony Hawk’s a couple months back and downloaded the demo for Session. Looks like I got lucky because they revamped their website since E3 and I can’t find the link anymore.

Judging by the timestamp for the first teaser trailer I’ve now been waiting over 5 years for Cyberpunk 2077. Hearing it will be first person is an interesting but welcome move, and having character customisation is also great. Yeah, first person character customisation is a little wasted, but it’ll have 3rd person stuff as well.

Death Stranding is looking good, although since I don’t own a PS4 I’ll probably never play it. But I’m digging it anyway.

Tbh, I’m quite looking forward to the new Battlefield. I got really demoralized by the cycle of how Battlefield is released, but I’m thinking I’m ready now. I played a ton of BF3 and 4 but when BF1 came out I just couldn’t do it. It’s a beautiful beautiful game, and it had all the zest that the others did, it was just too soon. It didn’t even have time to be a rebound relationship, it was just an interloper. But I’m keen now, and the new trailer for BF5 captured the feeling of Battlefield perfectly. Jumping out of a house that’s getting destroyed by a tank and then scoring a kill on a plane? That’s not even hyperbole for Battlefield. That shit happens all the time. “Ooh what about girls in WWII, that’s PC gone ma-” PC master race! Only way to play it. Don’t give me this controller nonsense.

If we’re going to talk about historical accuracy for a second, all gifs of Battlefield players jumping out of a jet, bazooka’ing another jet and then getting back into their own jet aside. Battlefield 1’s arsenal of weapons was ridiculious for the era. The amount of machine guns you could run around with was ridiculous. But they added them because it’d be fun and interesting. Now moving onto WWII, a war that has been done in games so many times it’s pretty much it’s own genre, adding some vaginas shouldn’t be that big a deal.