It’s another cyberpunk strip from the neon-soaked underground city. This strip came out of wondering how they’d keep their air clean in an enclosed space like that. Figured that with a little modification, maybe humans could do the same job as plants. Only snag being that when the human body has a build up of carbon dioxide, you begin to get that horrible suffocating feeling. Sure, perhaps they could have engineered that away too, but these are criminals in a hard boiled, cutthroat city. No one gives enough of a shit for that. Might seem unnecessarily brutal, but honestly I can see rich, gentrified folks advocating these kind of solutions in a heartbeat. It works right? And if you try to protest, you’re already on the side of the dirty, dirty criminals. Checkmate.

You can find the other strips set in this city here:

↓ Transcript
Wider shot. A footpath in an upscale area. Several vacant looking criminals are pinned up on a wall, essentially crucified. They all have their mouths wide open. Sephone looks up to a bloodied, empty wall mounting.
Caption: When one of the Luma District breathers went missing, I got tapped to hunt it down.

Closer shot of the breathers.
Caption: These crims are modded for one function: bad air in, clean air out.

Sephone chats with an unsavoury sort in a bad part of the city. They point in one direction.
Caption: Seems one of ‘em shook its tranqs and made a run for it.

From behind Sephone as she enters the alley. The breather is partially obscured by her, but from what little we can see, it’s on all fours and seems to be in agony.
Caption: Couldn’t run from its mod though. Found it in an alley, wheezing like a damned fish.

She squats down to inspect the preoccupied breather. She is holding a hypodermic needle.
Caption: Bad air in, clean air out.

Close, oddly intimate two-shot (perhaps silhouetted) as she plunges the needle into the breather’s neck.
Caption: Gasping for a breath it knows will never come.