Hi guys!
We’ve had quite a week here at IZS, Isaac got the Cintiq HD Pro 16″ running on his computer and man we are soooo hooked! He’s currently trialling it for work and it’s a dream to draw on. There are a few things that I still need to get used to but it’s like I’m drawing properly again. I can relax and actually draw instead of being super focused on getting a line right while forever pressing the back button.

Anyway, Kristof wrote this beautiful script (which I immediately had dibs on) and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to really test the cintiq out. I hope you like it!

Also Kristof is leaving for India on the weekend and he’ll be gone for a whole month! How will we live without him? Probably forget that the Facebook page exists for an entire two weeks. If there are any Indian fans out there that want to meet him off the plane and touch his luscious beard, contact us and we’ll give you his flight details.


↓ Transcript
Two jellyfish meeting for a catch up.
“And since I switched to ethical food choices, I’ve felt sooo much better.”

Fish blunders into conscientious jellyfish’s tentacles.
“Oh god my insides are burning!”

“So... you’re gonna let this guy go?”
“Oh no, he’s fucked. But if he dies in the next ten minutes it counts as cruelty-free!”