Unlike most of our comics, this particular strip started with the art. Izak had drawn all the stuff you see below for a tabletop RPG he has in the works – he sent me the artwork (plus the warrior atop the hill that you can see in the finished strip) and asked if I wanted to turn it into a comic. It didn’t take long for a story to wrap itself around this evocative scene and I actually really enjoyed the challenge of working with these kind of constraints. Make sure you scroll down to check out the evolution of the original art piece – there’s even a wallpaper-ready image at the bottom for you to nab.

And here it is, background ready.

↓ Transcript
In the depths of the Bloodwood I found her.

If legend holds true, she will lead the trees into battle and save my people.

All she requires is a pure heart. I only hope mine will suffice.

And that it won’t hurt too much when it’s cut from me.