Kill all your opponents family, collect the whole set! Blind boxes available of other tribes available! Collect ’em, trade ’em, keep their avenging spirits at bay!

According to wikipedia doing shrunken heads was only documented happening in the Amazon rainforest and of course Nazi concentration camps, because Nazis just sort of gravitated towards that sort of shit. I should know, I’m a fan of Hellboy.

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New Zealand just had its elections. How our system works is that we can vote for a party and a local representative (who is also part of a party). Once the dust settles we see who has the most seats in parliament, and that’s when the real fun begins. If one party doesn’t control most of parliament they have to get together with the smaller parties and hash out a deal. So even if one party has say 40% of the seats, they could still plausibly be ousted by a rabble of smaller parties getting together.

This years election we have National and Act (right wing) taking most of the seats and Labour and the Greens (left wing) together not quite making up enough seats to do anything useful. That leaves us with NZ First, run by Winston Peters, a Maori guy who hates Maoris.

He’s what we’re calling a Kingmaker, he essentially gets to decide which party will get to run the show for the next four years. He just needs to pick a side, but until then he’s got two sets of balls in his hands that he’s fondling gently.

But he’s going to chuck his lot in with National.