These things are a sliding scale ya know. Maybe pick something pertinent to your own life before going to the tried and true generic options.

I literally just got back from seeing The Wombats at The Powerstation tonight. It’s always been a personal goal to go to The Powerstation, an infamous venue here in Auckland. It’s not that it’s very exclusive, it’s just that I don’t go to a whole lot of gigs.

I introduced Kristof to the band earlier this year via this playlist and he was quickly smitten. So much so that when I mentioned they were coming to New Zealand and that I couldn’t afford a ticket, he bought me and Becky tickets so we wouldn’t miss out. A true champion and friend.

If you haven’t heard the Wombats before you maaaay have heard them get some air time way back in the day with Let’s Dance to Joy Division. Otherwise just feel free to smash the playlist above. Like, subscribe, invest.

I’d like to give a big shout out to the one group who’s elbows were constantly at one with Becky’s boob, and were just generally underfoot at all times.