I have a strange love for subversively cutesy cross-stitch. If my house burned up, there are only a small handful of things I’d regret losing and one of them would without doubt be the piece of art below.


Those familiar with Borderlands 2 will recognise the signature catchphrase of Krieg the Psycho, and his brutal weapon of choice below. My wife created this masterpiece working off a pixel template that Izak did up, and it makes me unreasonably happy every time I see it.

↓ Transcript
Two flies have just moved to their new place. The mother fly is hanging up a Home Is Where the Heart Is cross stitch piece with two limbs, while gesturing to a pile of fly eggs with some others.
“Oh honey, I’m so glad you found us a great place to raise the kids.”

A vampire lying dead, staked through the heart. Flies buzz around the wound.