This comic came out of something Izak said when describing what the two of us are like when drunk. It was just one of those remarks that can be easily passed over but the poetry of it grabbed me and wouldn’t leave me alone. So naturally I twisted it into an existential crisis, because of course I would. I really like the work Becky did on this one – it’s a deceptively difficult piece to pull off as all the emphasis is on the facial expressions but I think she nailed it.

↓ Transcript
A parent is reading a bedtime story to their child. The kid is doing their damnedest to stay awake, but they’re losing the battle.
Caption: Life is just one big exercise

A 20-something is standing around awkwardly at a party, holding a drink. Others around them seem to be having fun, but they’re overdrunk, isolated and uncomfortable.
Caption: in desperately holding our shit together

An old person sits in the sun. They may be asleep or dead, we don’t know. A book they were reading has slipped out of their hand to lie on the ground.
Caption: before finally succumbing to sleep.