Ah, caffeine. The one drug you can proudly boast about being addicted to while at work. Imagine if it was anything else. “Man, I just can’t function without a line or two of coke in the morning.” “Whiskey helps me get through the day.” “I don’t feel like myself until I’ve smoked a joint.” I mean sure, those are all valid points – just don’t expect a scheduled meth break anytime soon.

↓ Transcript
A creepy looking necromancer gazes fondly at a woman’s corpse lying on a slab. Candles and occult paraphernalia surround her.
“We will be together again my love.”

The necromancer starts to magick something into existence.
“By the strength of my arcane powers”

A filter coffee jug appears in the necromancer’s hand, and he pours black coffee from the jug directly into the woman’s mouth. Her eyes bug open.
“and this mystic elixir!”