This strip really surprised me – which is kind of odd because I wrote it. The script had been sitting in our shared doc for ages, and then out of the blue Becky picked it up yesterday and took the visuals in a completely different direction to what I initially imagined. I absolutely love how it turned out – she gave the art a lot more heart and really captured the poignancy and sad wastefulness I wanted to get across. I’ll leave you with Becky’s thoughts on the piece:

“I wanted them to look beautiful. So beautiful that humanity said, ‘I want that’. And so they took it.”

Izak Edit: Hey guys just a heads up we’ll be at Overload in Auckland this weekend alongside our good friend Pepper Raccoon. We’ve got some new merch inbound just for the event so come say hi! If you thought Becky’s art was killer in this strip you should see what she did on this sticker sheet!


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↓ Transcript
Two full panels, one image. Wide shot of epic mountains. A few dragons perch amidst high crags and mountain peaks or soar in the air nearby.
Caption: When man broke the ancient peace, we took refuge in the mountains.

The shining line of an army snakes its way up the mountainside.
Caption: But nowhere is safe forever and our time ends
Caption: so some lucky fool can call themselves Dragonslayer.