This strip combines one of Becky’s favourite things with one of my favourite things: insects and putting way too many words in comic strips. But believe it or not, this is a cut down version. Becky was kind enough to show me what the panels looked like with the text alone, accompanied by an emoticon that looked like it had just seen its wrinkly naked grandmother skewered alive by a seething mass of barbed tentacles, so I took the hint and stripped a bunch of text out. In spite of the strip still being too wordy, I do think she did an admirable job. #BugBeerisBestBeer

↓ Transcript
A bee drill sergeant is inspecting a line of soldier bees on parade. Their parade ground looks suspiciously like the inside of a bee box. He bawls at them:
“We have a human raid incoming - are you prepared to die for your hive?”
“YES SIR.” from all of them except one, who looks a little uncomfortable.

In the time honoured tradition of drill sergeants worldwide, the sergeant gets right up in the face of the silent bee.
“Private Beazley! You’re not a fucking coward are you?”
“ No, sir. But they always leave us enough honey to live on, so… is it worth dying for?”

Textbox: Later
Beazley is drinking with a beetle friend in an interracial insect bar.
“So I got a night with the queen bee and all the nectar I could drink.”
“Course not. The silly bugger tried to sting me and ripped his own arse out.”
Beazley looks supremely cheerful at this.