I love how the old fairy tales are so dark. They did not give a single fuck. Mutilation, torture, rape (with necrophiliac overtones)… And those are just from a few that Disney deigned to shine their bowlderising spotlight on. While these stories are now firmly in the Not Safe for Children box, you have to remember that in order for these tales to have retained popularity over the years, generations of parents told them to their wide-eyed offspring. Probably at bedtime. Kids are tougher than we think.

↓ Transcript
Prince Charming is hanging out with his ridiculously good-looking and fashionable entourage doing something royal and a bit douchey. Hunting kittens on horseback, perhaps. Or something. Have some fun with this! One of his bros has crazy piece of news for him.
“Man, did you hear some chicks cut their toes off to fit that glass slipper your mystery girl left behind?”
“I know! So desperate.”

In return, Prince Charming has a juicy tidbit for his mates.
“You know what the hilarious thing is?”

“That wasn’t even the original slipper - I had a special one made!”
Charming produces the slipper in question - it squares off abruptly, leaving no room for toes. Charming is pretty sure this is the best joke ever. His mates have seen him do a lot of fucked up shit over the years, but this takes the cake.