Congratulations, you’ve just been trained to create beautiful things but are about to get paid to create ugly things. Here’s a list of things you should keep in mind while moving your meat sack into the future.

I wrote this back in 2014 shortly after I left uni because it was somewhat of a shock entering the real world because it doesn’t prepare you for shit. I learnt more in the first six months of employment than I did in 3 or 4 years of uni getting my Honours. Anyway, now in 2021 I’m finally giving enough fucks to press the publish button.

Put minimal effort into your workbook.

In the real world you won’t have a workbook, and your future boss won’t want to see your process. Don’t bother trying to make it tidy and clean, it’s a waste of time. Spend more time getting inspired instead.

Don’t be a dick to your peers

Trampling your classmates to get a good grade is for short sighted scum. These are the people you’ll first come grovelling too when you can’t find a job on the outside. There are sad anecdotes I could put here, but I want to protect the guilty.

Be Efficient with File Sizes

Learn about file sizes please. A Flyer or DLE never needs to be over 10mb. Making a 600mb A5 PDF advert isn’t going to make it magically super crystal clear.

Google is your Friend

If a client can’t manage to find a higher res image of their own fucking logo, Google usually can.

Your Boss & Clients aren’t Designers

You best learn how to multitask like a champion and grow the patience of a monk. Also, they’ll make decisions that make your design look 100% worse. Deal with it.

Your uni projects are your portfolio, make each assignment look good

How good your stuff looks is directly proportional to the quality of your future job, Kid.

Do Design for Fun 

With that said make up a logo just for the LOLs in your spare time. Chances are it’s gonna look better in your portfolio than anything you do at Uni.

Technical Terms Aren’t a Prerequisite in the real world

No one will care whether or not you know what an ascender, decender or even what Kerning is. So don’t freak out if you don’t remember the technical terms. Most of the time we just say “Could you make the words be less squished together please?”

Take advantage of any Equipment you have at Uni

Is there a laser cutter? Cut as much as you can. Photocopier, run that baby dry. You’re going into debt for this education, get your moneys worth.