Very occasionally I find myself in the mood for a schlocky B-Grade action movie. A Shadow in the Cloud ticks all these boxes and adds a few more boxes just for fun, those being: creature feature & Thriller.

You’ll see two sorts of reviews for this movie out there, those are “this movie is ridiculous! 10/10” and “this movie is ridiculous 0/10!”

Personally I fall into the former camp, and I have to say, I could have done with maybe 10% more ridiculousness.

Set in WWII in New Zealand Chloë Grace Moretz is cast as an agent of some unknown description with an equally mysterious package. She boards a military flight headed from Auckland to Samoa and is promptly locked in the undercarriage turret of the bomber and seperated from her package. The majority of the film moves as something of a radio-play as she communicates to the bridge and attempts to gain their trust in a quickly deteriorating situation.

And by deterioration I mean a gremlin starts pulling the plane to pieces.

The movie is short, sharp, and to the point. Eventually it switches gears and everything goes balls to the wall. It’s honestly a fun time and it felt good supporting some kiwi made cinema.

This movie didn’t have a massive budget, so some rough around the edges greenscreen should be expected.

If you are willing to have a good time and indulge a classic power fantasy check this movie out. If you suck feel free to watch yourself in a mirror growing old, it’s more gritty and realistic.