Baywatch is currently sitting on 18% on Rotten Tomatoes, but that’s not the score you should be watching. On the same site it has an audience approval rating of 70%. So before you shrug this movie off as probably being a steaming turd ask yourself, do you want to see some hot girls? Do you want to have a laugh? Do you want to have an awkward amount of dick jokes that can only be found in an R18 movie, cause that’s what you’re going to get.

Baywatch takes the concept of beach cops and pushes it to the extreme. Is it ridiculous? Absolutely! As ridiculous as typing yourself a question and then immediately answering it.

Dwayne Johnson is ridiculiously likable in this film, while Zac Efron backs him up as the flawed sidekick who is the human equivalent of trash. Over the course of the film Efron must prove to the world and himself that he’s more than just a vomiting pair of abs. At the same time The Rock must figure out how to stop the beach from getting privatised by a drug cartel, in a script that feels like it was pulled directly from an early 90s TV show and stretched out for two hours.

The film makes no attempts at being believable, and will just as sooner drop a plot thread than stop trying to find the next joke.

Our in-house professional with an opinion Matt Rust was surprised with how much he enjoyed the film. “It made me nostalgic, but not for Baywatch cause I’ve never seen it. It made me nostalgic for being the kind of movie that has a blooper reel in the credits.”

After we came out of the theatre he admitted to me that if the movie was looking like shit he was considering having a snooze. This would have been an easy feat considering we entered the theatre bloated with bar food and a couple glasses of beer. As it was he stayed awake for the whole thing, grinning the entire time.

Don’t listen to the critics, if you like R18 comedies and everything they entail, then this movie is for you.