The press releases that Sega puts out for Sonic seem to all be obnoxious and tell you hardly anything at all. But we’re doing our best to cobble together what’s going on.

What people want to know is what the fuck is even in Sonic Mania and what’s the point in buying it. Well it’ll be on the Nintendo Switch, which instantly gives it a plus in it’s favour.

The game runs in 60fps and has been enhanced with new mechanics, obstacles, and secrets to uncover.

The new game takes iconic pieces from different games, rejiggers them, and creates a new experience. You can now use fire to burn log bridges and collect rings and power-ups with your three playable characters, Sonic, Knuckles and Tails.

Green Hill Zone Act 2 presents an all-new area exclusive to Sonic Mania, expanding upon the tropical setting of Act 1.

“Green Hill Zone Act 2’s boss is also notably different from the original, but we won’t be spoiling that yet.”

There are a couple new enemy types and Sonic has a new Drop Dash to add to his arsenal.

It sounds like Sega has gone out of its way to make a Sonic game that makes use of peoples nostalgia while at the same time adding a bunch of stuff to freshen the game up a little and keep people guessing. Better this than a gross 3D game. With that said, how many more pixely games can the Switch store handle? It seems like that’s all we’re getting at the moment.

The game will be available on Nintendo Switch this Summer 2017.