If you’re a frequent traveller then you definitely need to know about this. There’s a map and app that tells you the wifi password at just about every airport in the world. All those times you’ve spent loitering in an airport on a particularly long layover can sometimes be painful if you’re out of data and don’t feel like leafing through a magazine.

Fortunately WiFox has come to the rescue with the modern mans toolkit of wifi passwords, meaning you’ll never be without internet while travelling again. It’s even available offline. But if you don’t trust yourself, plot your route and write down the passwords for the places you’ll be heading.

You can download the app on Android and Apple. It costs a couple bucks, but that’s still less than you’d pay for roaming or those horrendous amounts you’d pay for a single gig of data from a wifi hotspot.

The list is continuously updated as fellow travellers crowd source their knowledge to keep the list fresh and up to date.

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